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My middle child is much like me in many ways: she is overly sensitive, intuitively aware of unspoken communication, and her young, knobby kneed body is almost oddly flexible. I remember when I took my first ballet class, and was assessed for my ability to turn my legs out. The teacher was surprised when I flopped unconsciously into a 90 degree ¨frog position;” it is a mobility that has been both a blessing and a haunting, like all gifts granted from mysterious sources.

Several weeks ago my daughter and I were walking down the street. Or, more accurately, I was walking and she was flopping, her feet askew and her arms swinging wildly. ¨My love,¨ I said, ¨try to walk with your feet a bit straighter, it will be better for your sweet little knees.¨

¨I can’t,¨ she said, adding wisely, ¨I have no bones.¨
2015-07-16 20.59.44 (1)Yogini, dancer, athlete, scholar – she will find her frame somehow.