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2014-12-23 20.28.17

Rarely does one have the “perfect” vacation. By some lucky alignment of the stars (and the airlines being on time) my husband and I did. Ceviche at the fish shack, sand, water, pelicans, some rain, some sun. So simple, like a return, or turning inward, to the most basic needs of the body and brain, and discovering, or remembering, they aren’t numerous. Time, love, beauty, attention to presence.

“Let’s bring it home with us,” my husband said. Yes, let’s. So easy it is, to get lost in the modern addiction to the busy, frenetic life. All it took was a few days to remember how unnecessary that frantic pace is, and really, how toxic it is to one’s body and family.

I suppose one doesn’t need to move to a semi-off the grid spot to fully realize and live this simplicity, but oh how tempting it is….

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