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2014-12-08 10.27.23

I have been listening to a lot of dharma talks lately, particularly the teachings from Theravada Buddhism. One of the most sublime and elusive lessons the Buddha teaches is that the capacity for awakening, and the realization of enlightenment, exists in every crevice and corner of one’s world.

It is not necessary to sit for years in silence in a forest monastery, or to become an ascetic who denies the possibility for Samadhi (states of enlightenment) in the sensual world. All one needs to do, according to these teachings, is rest quietly – difficult enough – with one’s given circumstance, and have open eyes.

I thought of these teachings this morning when I took this photo of my daughter. Her eyes are open, and she is helping, in my better moments, to open mine. “Zen is a tightrope,” wrote Auden. She seems to already be walking it.

I will try to follow her.