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Friday was, of course, Halloween, the time for masks and artifice and costuming and sugar and irritating our old or just grumpy neighbors all across the nation. The costuming of Halloween reveals our wishes, fantasies, fears, and terrors. It also reveals exactly how much we all fall prey to consumer culture and sugar addiction, but I try not to be too uptight about that part…. at least for the night.

First born Somber Child was a Somber Peyton Manning:


He is obsessed with football at the moment, which is unfortunate in so many ways, not least of which the fact that his over-protective mama will never let him play a sport that will kill his brain.  But on Halloween anything goes……

Even not liking Halloween, which Middle Child named-for-Apollo, most certainly did not:


She was a Renaissance Witch Princess, but I think because she essentially dresses like this every day, minus the blue eyebrows, she was unimpressed with wandering around the neighborhood on a chilly evening. We went home early and ate pasta. We took with us the baby, who was a wise elephant, carried by an equally wise and wonderful woman named Elizabeth:

20141031_174909 My father, I think, embraced the whole notion of Halloween perfectly:


Mask, mischievous happiness, beer: Dionysus would certainly approve, though he’d prefer wine.